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The cognitive company description as a phase in the digital transformation of a company and the application of this to AI assist in large ocean vessels

  • Pascal Conference Hall 5 Lindholmspiren Västra Götalands län, 417 56 Sweden (map)


The traditional company Stena Line is going through a digital transformation with the goal of becoming data-driven with Artificial Intelligence directing appropriate parts of the business. To guide this, a cognitive company scale has been developed as a phase in the digital transformation and processes in the company are transformed according to this. One project that is described in detail is the application of AI assist in large ocean vessels where AI solves complex problems related to ship movement and directs the vessels' operation, both independent and as part of a swarm.

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Jonathan Andersson

Senior data scientist @ Stena Line

Jonathan is a Solid-State Physics Researcher gone Data Scientist from the Chalmers University of Technology that enjoys applying the skillset in any of his interest areas spanning from the tech industry to business and psychology. Having a varied background as a consultant, lone founder, startuper, and cog in large companies, he now works at Stena Line. He will talk about the digital transformation of the traditional company Stena Line to a data-driven cognitive way of operating with applications of different levels of AI assist and control.