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First annual meeting of Gothenburg Artificial Intelligence Alliance

  • Annotell Lindholmspiren 2 417 56 Göteborg Sweden (map)

We have decided to take the next step for this meetup group in merging it with the GAIA conference and forming a non-profit organisation under the name Gothenburg Artificial Intelligence Alliance. This is the first annual meeting where we elect the board that will lead the organisation and continue pushing machine learning and data science in Gothenburg.

Meeting agenda (in Swedish according to the preference of Skatteverket):
By-law (stadga):

After the meeting, Daniel Langkilde will give a talk about the challenges with producing large amounts of high-quality training data for supervised machine learning. Daniel Langkilde is the co-founder of Annotell, which has built a platform for making it a radically smoother process to produce high-quality training data. In his talk, Daniel will describe the main challenges with annotations, present some of the state-of-the-art research in the field, and demonstrate what they have built so far.

Note: Unfortunately, there are not enough chairs at the venue for everybody so some will have to stand. We will also not be able to offer food and drinks at this event. Some simpler fika will be served, but we advise everyone to buy some snack before the event. We hope that is ok and that we prioritise that as many as possible can come.